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Eclipse International Rig Restoration
Eclipse International offers complete drilling rig restoration services.  We will fix and repair any part of your drilling rig or we will completely refurbish or remanufacture your rig and bring it back to new rig OEM and API specifications.  Then we will issue you our 18 month limited warranty on materials and workmanship to back up our work.  We stand behind our work and are willing to prove it.  Eclipse International has built partnerships with a network of machine shops, fabricators and vendors that  allows us to issue our cusotmers a delivery schedule for the work to be done and stick to that delivery schedule come hell or high water.  If you own it and it needs to be repaired, refurbished or remanufactured, Eclipse International can handle the job.
Eclipse International Rig Fabrication
Eclipse International offers complete new rig manufacturing services.  Let us build you the best drilling rig you've ever owned and we'll stand behind our work with the best rig warranty in the business.  Eclipse International specializes in new rig technology that allows the rig owner to save time and money during rig operations and mobilization.  We are constantly developing new technology to apply to rig components and functions. 
Eclipse Drilling Rig Service Contracts
Eclipse International also offers the very best value available today in the drilling industry on our drilling rig service agreements.  We offer on location in the field service agreements that allow the customer to help insure their rigs against costly and time consuming repairs.  All of our service agreements are in addition to our industry leading rig warranties and give the rig owner unsurpassed value.  Our crews of professional experienced rig mechanics, rig welders and engineers will travel to your location to perform scheduled maintenance and repairs between drilling assignments.  In addition to the scheduled maintenance and service, buying one of our service agreements allows the customer to have our teams on call 24/7 for emergency rig repairs.  This will save you, the customer, thousands of dollars in down time if you have a break down while on location.  Our service agreements cover everything from the mast and substructure, rig power, mud pumps and mud system piping, SCR and VFD house maintenance, drawworks and rotary table maintenance, top drive maintenance, rig control and instrumentation.  It is our goal to be able to have our service personnel on location working to get you back on line within 24 hours of the time that we receive the call.  To help acheive this goal Eclipse International is constantly expanding our network of qualified rig service personnel.