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"Call Eclipse today and let us put our years of experience to work building your next drilling rig. I guarantee it will be the best rig buying experience you've ever had and once you've purchased a rig from Eclipse you will never look elsewhere for your drilling rig needs. It's in my blood to offer only the very best products and customer service possible. I guarantee it".

Eclipse International CEO, Guy Hilder
Eclipse International is a company committed to providing the very best customer service on the planet. No ifs, ands, or buts. CEO, Guy Hilder learned this concept from his father while working at the family engineering and drilling rig fabricating business, Houston Systems Manufacturing Company in the 1970s and 80s. CEO, Guy Hilder has spent 35 plus years in the oilfield and international business providing the very best products and customer service anywhere while working for, running and owning vital customer oriented corporations. Always providing the best customer service and highest quality products anywhere is in the Hilder family DNA. Mr. Hilder’s father was a naval, marine and mechanical engineer, his two uncles were mechanical engineers, his Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers were naval, marine and mechanical engineers. The drive to engineer and produce the very best products possible has been handed down through generations of Hilders and Schrams. CEO Guy Hilder approaches Eclipse International using that very same concept and commitment to quality that has made the Hilder family successful in engineering, ship building and manufacturing for generations.

Eclipse International employs a seasoned team of oilfield professionals and vendor partners that all share this same goal and vision of top quality products and superior customer service. This is part of our corporate mandate and culture. Our product line of drilling rigs and related equipment reflects the company’s total commitment to the customer and to employing the newest technology available in our products. Whether new manufacture or remanufactured, our drilling rigs are simply the best in the industry.

 “If our products are not up to the standards set by my father, grandfathers and great grandfathers, I would not associate my family name with them or the companies that produce them. Our Drillmaster series of drilling rigs are made in America and contain 100% American content. They are in my opinion simply the very best drilling rigs in the world.” CEO Guy Hilder

Eclipse International is initiating a new program to buy out of service stacked drilling rigs and related equipment. This is a program that is vital to helping our customers monetize their older drilling equipment. This program also provides Eclipse International with a good steady supply of equipment to refurbish and place back on the refurbished equipment market.

Under this program Eclipse International is willing to enter into non-compete agreements on a case by case basis if required by the seller. There are many developing markets in the world that need equipment however many companies in these markets simply cannot afford to purchase new drilling equipment.
Eclipse Buys Stacked Rigs