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Eclipse International began working with Chamber of Commerce representatives from western African nations to develop new majority locally owned and operated oil industry related businesses in the region.

Eclipse CEO Guy Hilder said; "This is very exciting and a great opportunity for Eclipse to grow our business in the region. Eclipse is already working on equipment supply for both offshore and land drilling equipment projects and we are currently looking into developing direct supply chain management operations with local businesses there.

Eclipse is working to ensure that once oil prices begin to raise and things pick up in the region we and our new partners are positioned to take advantage of the increased activity.

Eclipse is also working on the development of our first mobile Shallow Water Drilling Platform (SWDP) that we hope to deploy in the region by the fall of 2016. The new drilling platform is being designed as a barge with four jack legs to elevate the SWDP once on location and during drilling operations. Our new SWDP will operate in up to 100 feet of water and be capable of drilling to depths of 22,000 feet"
Eclipse International Working in Western Africa