Press Releases 2015

January 2015

Eclipse International Contributes to the EDGE Energy USA MSW Gasification Co-Generation Engineering and Design Process.

Eclipse International will be assisting in the engineering development of the co-generation side of the newly announced EDGE Energy USA MSW to Power project being developed in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Eclipse will be working closely with the EDGE Energy USA engineering department in the development of the high pressure piping and syngas compression systems for this new cutting edge technology facility being built in Kampot province Cambodia.
Press Releases 2014

September 2014

Eclipse International begins engineering for a totally automated drill pipe handling system for our next generation of drilling rigs.

Eclipse International set the guidelines in place for the development of a fully automated drill pipe handling system. This new system will be designed to limit the amount of time of “hand on the pipe” to the very minimum by combining the pipe handling function of the catwalk/veedor, make-up and break-out on the drill floor and the pipe handling in the derrick during tripping activities. The concept is simple, everything automated and everything controlled from a central location and no hands on the pipe during drilling and tripping operations. The first engineering prototypes should be ready for proof of concept testing in early 2015.

January 2014

Eclipse International and GMHIDC form new renewable energy company.

Eclipse International, GMHIDC and other development partners have formed a new renewable green energy company Eclipse Dedicated Green Energy USA, L.C. (EDGE Energy USA). The new company is currently working on developing renewable and green energy technologies for power generation and expects to file for several patents this year. Eclipse International is a minority member of the new company however expects to have a roll in the development of an improved co-generation process that will be used in the green power generation facilities to be developed.
Press Releases 2013

December 2013

Estrella International Energy Services Posts a Deposit to Eclipse International for the development of two new 1500HP AC drive Eclipse Drillmaster drilling rigs.

Eclipse CEO Guy Hilder and Estrella Drilling Superintendent Doug Parker agreed on the technical specifications after nearly a year of working together on the multi-rig project. Once the specs were set Mr. Hilder met with Mr. Parker and Estrella CEO Warren Levy in Houston to begin the work on a financing package for the project that totals over $45 million dollars. Mr. Levy authorized the rig deposit and Eclipse is currently working to secure project funding through the U.S. Exim bank.
Press Releases 2012

October 2012
Eclipse International and Drillmec Inc. sign MOU for Joint Cooperation

Eclipse International and Drillmec Inc. entered into a memorandum of understanding late in October. This agreement will allow the exploration of synergies that exist between the two companies that will allow for the development of joint venture agreements to take action on the many opportunities in the market today. A component of the MOU is for Drillmec Inc. to build the mast and substructures needed for our 10 rig contract with Green Energy Group.

January 2012
Eclipse International to design and build Eagle Ford specific series of rigs

Eclipse International has entered a joint venture with PRS for the purchase of 2-2000HP Drillmaster rigs to be specifically configured for drilling in the Eagle Ford play in south Texas. These rigs will be designed as part of a specific drilling system to be highly functional and powerful, to contain state of the art technology and a high level of automation. These rigs will be very easy and fast to move.
June 2011
Eclipse International begins design updating of the Drillmaster EZ Mover Rig

Eclipse International is beginning a design update for our Drillmaster EZ Mover series of rigs. The new design will incorporate hydraulic rams to raise the mast and substructure and fully automated pipe handling. The new EZ Mover DM1000 and DM1500 designs should be ready for sale in first quarter of 2012.

March 2011
Eclipse International agrees to supply Petro-Vietnam

Eclipse International has entered into a joint venture agreement with GMHIDC and TLH Vietnam to supply Petro-Vietnam with oilfield drilling, production and power generation equipment. This will be a very nice piece of business for Eclipse International and will help in our efforts to expand in the Southeast Asian market.